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last night = weird

okies i went to nicoles house *im still there*
and yeah cliff's car is fucking fucked up.
it like over heated or something and i guess theres a crack some where in some thing and then it was leaking waster er some thing...-dont know jack shit about cars-
but anyways yeah when we FINALLY got to nicoles house reneas father was there soo cliff drove up some thing and let nicole and her out and they walked back to nicole's house cuz i dunno anything about this but i guess renea's dad hates cliff...heh i dunno if im spelling her name right?! id ask some 1 but there all sleeping.... then we went to cliff's house...

then went out side and stacy and them made like a mini bomb fire with cliffs shoes and a paper thing and plastick shit rofl lmfao that was funny then some lady came out side and bitched about it and called the cops on us and when they came stacy and nicole went and talked to him and didnt get in trouble soo thats good..i/we kept seeing the cops alot tonight they where like EVERY where!?

and uhm yeah then after that came back too nicoles house and stacy and kylette kept on trying to fix nicoles bed cuz some how it go slanted?
i dunno how that happend i guess cliff jumped on the bed when stacy and kyle where laying on it?!
i dunno..?

but anyways yeah stacy and kylette where sleeping on the floor *they still are*
and me N nicoel took a walk to the play ground and i chased ducks down dave's street!
rofl lmao
they where soo cute i want one!

then after that we went back here and yeah talked about abunch of weird stuph and now nicoles sleeping and im sitting her typing this..nicole wants me to go to derricks party thing today..i dunno idf i really wanna go she said talena is gonna be there but i dunno?????

haha i think this was 1 of the longest thing iv ever wrote in here...heh heh ushually my enteries are all short cuz i never have nothing interesting to say or i cant remeber half the things i was gonna put in it ;x
heh heh im dense i think im going to go now and stop rambling on about stupid stuff now soo bi bi's
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