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-i copyed and pasted what amber wrote cuz i didnt feel like typing it AGaIN-


2:26 am - *...I am drunk...I am sober...*

Wow, my life is going really good lately. Thursday, I came and slept over Lizs and some guy showed up at the door that we didnt know so we invited him in and then Erin came back with people and we smoked sooooo much weed. And then a black do0d showed up in the kitchen and he was dealing drugs and yeah. So we smoked all night and then I went to skewl this morning. OMG that was fucked up. I couldnt think er move and I had to give a oral presentation 3rd period and my teacher said I sucked at it ;x
Sooo my mum went out to Toronto tonight and Lizs mum is still in PA so we went to the Endface show at the Tralf. Reaneas dad drove us there. It was such a hassle to find that damn ride too. There werent too many people at the show but it was an enjoyable amount. And then the after party (woohoo) fuckin before we left the Tralf me and Liz got stoned because Erin handed us a joint when we were leaving and said it was a present :/ and so we were already high and the after show was a drink all you want fer free keg party at Gordys house ;D So, everyone ther was wasted and stuph and Liz and Stacey were upstairs reading porn and the cops decided to show up (oink oink) and they kicked everyone out and said that no one was drunk and noone was drunk (cough bullshit cough) and so we hitched a ride with some kid from Deplore and he droved us home. Lizs brother locked the door so we couldnt get in the house so I was knocking on the window and some do0d across the street jumps out on his balcony like batman with a flashlight going 'whos bangin on the god damn window, Ima call the cops if you dont leave. Apparently the person your looking for isnt home blah blah blah' and I was like 'he is home! hes a sleep!' and he said he was gonna call the cops again :/
So, now me and Liz are here at her house chillin and doing nothing, drunk, stoned, everything. Hah! okies well later
*wonders eher my mum is and why shes not calling every .5 seconds* ::shrugs::

okies i practically did the same thing cept the parts when she's talking about 3rd period and her mom cuz my mom is in pa.
heh heh hehehhheheheh

rofl lmfao *dies*
*falls off chair*
okies i HAVE to go now soo bi bi's
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