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pencil dick is retarded

Find Out Which Girl Band You Belong In

hmm i always get them when ever i take those tests and i dont even have to cheet <3

but anyways....i have alot of junk to doo heh i have o tale pEEktures and uhm rofl i have some loom thing for jewlery class heh heh heh


Nestea4Me: u look liek a 5 cet whore ahaha
Touch Me im evil: you look like a nigger
Nestea4Me: how is that/
Touch Me im evil: you look more black then white
Nestea4Me: so and thats bad ?
Touch Me im evil: well if that was me id be insulted if some 1 said i looked black

haha im not really racist but i nunno i thought that convo was funny it was longer but the rest of the stuph was retarded stuph
and i thought i was immature!
heh heh he acts like he's still 5
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